Great concert of Zdravko Čolić in Varaždin Arena!

Great concert of Zdravko Čolić in Varaždin Arena!

26. October 2019.

We are proud to present you the concert of Zdravko Čolić in which as always will enjoy the generations and fans of this great musician and region.

Leave the most beautiful love lyrics this fall and do not miss a big concert in Varaždin Arena on October 26, where Zdravko Čolić once again confirms the status of one of the biggest stars in this area.

Except that our musician will cheer you up with some of your timeless hits like „Ti si mi u krvi“, „Pjevam danju, pjevam noću“, „Pusti, pusti modu“, „Esma“, „Što ti dadoh“, „Zar se nismo shvatili“, At this concert you will also have the opportunity to listen live and the song “Nothing was between us” which in a very short time won the audience heart throughout the region.

To all those who have been at the Čolić concert at least once, it is well known that his performances are filled with positive energy. The musician always takes care of the ultimate atmosphere and filling the heart with wonderful emotions and recalls some old memories of his performances.

We look forward to this great concert with impatience, so do not miss the chance and see on Saturday, October 26, in the Varaždin Arena!

Tickets are available for sale and can be purchased through Eventim –LINKand at the following retail:

  • Varaždin – Caffe bar Time Out, My Way, Rock Art
  • Čakovec – Caffe bar Parks, Paladin
  • Ivanec – Kavana Ivana
  • Novi Marof – Caffe bar Rose
  • Ludbreg – Caffe bar Rondo
  • Mursko Središće – Caffe bar Parks
  • Prelog – City bar
  • Palovec – Domino bar
  • Koprivnica – Caffe bar Stefano
  • BP Petrol