Petar Grašo in Arena Varaždin

Petar Grašo in Arena Varaždin

14. April 2018.

Currently one of the most popular singers  Petar Grašo, will come on 14. April in  Arena Varaždin!

The organizers will be Tipo Marketing, arrival of Grašo confirmed by  Neven Buljan,

– He will come and I am very happy  – said it Buljan.

– Currently  top singer in Croatia, this also shows rewards, we we expect a full it was in the other cities.

The concert starts at 20 o’clock.

You can search for pre-tickets at the following places:

  • Varaždin
    Bisto ‘Time out’
    Rock Art Caffe
    Caffe bar ‘My way’
  • Koprivnica
    Caffe bar ‘Stefano’
  • Ivanec
    Kavana ‘Ivana’
  • Novi Marof
    Caffe bar ‘Picolo’
  • Ludbreg
    Caffe bar ‘Rondo’
  • Čakovec
    Caffe bar ‘Paladin’
    Caffe bar ‘Park’s’
  • Prelog
    City bar
  • Mursko Središće
    Pizzeria ‘Vuri’
  • Palovec
    Domino bar

Tickets can be purchased at the Eventim system and at all Petrol stations.