Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Željko Joksimovic at the Varaždin Arena

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Željko Joksimovic at the Varaždin Arena

14. February 2020.

Željko Joksimović  is one of the most popular performers in the region, with the most beautiful love ballads attached to him, and has captured the hearts of many female and male audiences through his songs.

This  extremely talented musician who plays more than ten instruments and sings about the most important thing in the world – love will once again touch our hearts, on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2020 when he will perform at the Arena in Varaždin.

The ultimate musical spectacle will be carried with emotions and certainly excellent reactions of the audience, which is eagerly awaiting the performance of Joksimović. His songs do not come off the charts across the region, and some of you will have the opportunity to sing along to him on the day of the concert, such as: „Leđa o leđa“, „Vreteno“, „Milimetar“, „Nije ljubav stvar“, „Ljubavi“ and many others. Joksimović has released six albums so far, and in addition to being a favorite of audiences throughout the region, his musical expression has also been remembered at Eurovision 2004 with the song “Lane moje” where he won second place.

With the accompaniment of top musicians with magnificent scenery,  this year he also performed a major American tour, and is preparing a real musical treat for a concert in Varaždin.

It’s gift time, so this is also a unique opportunity to surprise your loved ones with wrinkle cards for this magical music show early next year.

„Možda je to ljubav“ as the song says and some new love awakens just at the big concert of Željko Joksimovic in the Arena of Varazdin!

Be quick and secure your tickets at the following points of sale:

  • Varaždin – Caffe bar Time Out, My Way
  • Čakovec – Caffe bar Parks, Paladin
  • Ivanec – Kavana Ivana
  • Novi Marof – Caffe bar Rose
  • Ludbreg – Caffe bar Rondo
  • Mursko Središće – Caffe bar Parks
  • Prelog – City bar
  • Palovec – Domino bar
  • BP Petrol
  • Eventim