Doris Dragovic arrives in Varaždin Arena!

Doris Dragovic arrives in Varaždin Arena!

18. April 2020.

‘This was an event for all of us!’ Said Doris Dragović, our true diva for her big concert at the Zagreb Arena, which even months ago sold out.

A concert for which no ticket could be purchased anymore, and those who did not buy it in time would certainly pay for it with gold. And they would not be wrong.

Doris Dragović Doris Dragovic was delighted, and at the same time enraged and wholeheartedly embraced the crowded Arena, which was definitely too small for all those who wanted to be inside that night, and mostly for the several thousand visitors who came outside the Arena hoping to still be able to listen to their own Doris Dragović.

But the time has come to react now, because Doris Dragović will make his first appearance at the Varaždin Arena, so write down the date 18.4. and buy your ticket on time.

Even two months before the sold-out Zagreb concert at the Zagreb Arena, where she sang her biggest hits with more than 18,000 visitors, Croatian music giant Doris Dragovic is ready to warm the vocal cords and hearts of all those who will come to her concert at the Varaždin Arena. We believe that the Varazdin audience will give her the same emotion.

The music giant, who has been filling the biggest halls all over Croatia for many years, will perform for the first time in the Arena of Varaždin this spring, where he is preparing a real musical spectacle on April 18, and will complete it with his biggest hits such as – “Little for a Tribute” , “My Wish,” “The Only One,” “Seven Seas, Seven Mountains.”

This is certainly one of the biggest musical events of the year, and we are sure that Doris will fulfill the expectations of many audiences, but also inflame the atmosphere.

Each of her concerts is unique and she treats each of her performances in a different way, so it is no wonder that the halls are too small for anyone who wants to hear her live, because this music diva has been doing it for the last 37 years of her career.

The opportunity to hear one of the most beautiful vocals in this region is approaching, and you must hurry to the points of sale to secure your tickets on time:

  • Varaždin – Caffe bar Time Out, My Way
  • Čakovec – Caffe bar Parks, Paladin
  • Ivanec – Kavana Ivana
  • Novi Marof – Caffe bar Rose
  • Ludbreg – Caffe bar Rondo
  • Mursko Središće – Caffe bar Parks
  • Prelog – City bar
  • Palovec – Domino bar
  • Koprivnica – Caffe bar Stefano
  • BP Petrol
  • Eventim