Musical spectacle ‘Carmina Burana’ in Arena Varaždin

Musical spectacle ‘Carmina Burana’ in Arena Varaždin

14. September 2019.

In just over two months, on September 14, there will be a big outdoor concert along the banks of the Drava River near Arena Varaždin.

The legendary work of Carla Orffa ‘Carmina Burana’Carl Orff ‘Carmin Buran’ will be performed by choirs and symphony orchestras of the Music School in Varaždin, Conservatory of Music and Ballet Maribor and Chorus Angelicus Choir with soloists Ivana Lazar   (soprano), Armanda Puklaveca  (baritone) and Danila Kostevšeka  (tenor).

The spectacle in cooperation of musicians from Varaždin and Maribor will start at 9 pm, while the conductor at the concert along the Drava will be Dada Ruža, and the main organizer is the Varazdin Concert Bureau

The concert will also take place at the Slovenian National Theater in Maribor two days later, and the conductor at the concert there will be Slavko Magdić.

The Varaždin School of Music tells you to remember the date for the cantata, which is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of the music literature for choirs.