Parni Valjak in Varaždin – tour of the Round 44

Parni Valjak in Varaždin – tour of the Round 44

26. December 2019.

The popular Croatian band Parni valjak  returns to the Arena Varaždin on December 26th.

Parni Valjak on 26.12(Boxing Day). in Varaždin, it will mark 44 years of the band, and the whole tour is called ‘Round 44’.

The organizers announce that for the Mastercard and Maestro card users, ticket pre-sale starts today, July 31, and regular ticket sales begin on Friday, August 2 at 11 am.

Early bird prices until 31st August are: the ground floor is HRK 100, and the tribune are HRK 120. Tickets can be purchased through Eventim.

People in wheelchairs are free of charge, while the escort pays the full price of the ticket. Children under 7 enter for free.

Hurry up to buy a ticket, because judging by past performances of the  band led by Hus and Aki  for a concert at the Varaždin Arena, there will be great demand