Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

11. February 2016.

For Valentine’s Day, on February 11th, 2016., at 7 pm, the Imperial Russian Ballet is coming with a play Romeo and Juliet .

Tickets will be available from December 29th 2015. via Ticketshop.

  • STAND = 90,00 kn
  • PARTERRE  = 100,00 KN
  • VIP PARTERRE (a drink during the break included) = 140,00 kn

The ballet Romeo and Juliet is a lyrical story of the tragic lovers from Verona, played on the music of Sergei Sergeyevich Prokofiev, which since it’s beginning in 1938., constantly inspires many generations of choreographers and directors. This famous ballet originates from Shakespeare ‘s Romeo and Juliet , one of the most beautiful , the most tragic and the most read stories of the world’s literature that has been for 4 centuries an inexhaustible source of inspiration for authors of different artistic fields. Many composers have written music for ballet or opera of unhappy lovers, who at the beginning of their life end up tragically because of hostility that exists between their families, Montecchi and Capuleti.

Prokofiev’s ballet, the synopsis of Adrian Piotorovski and Sergei Radlov, is a masterpiece of exceptional and rich artistic expression. Prokofiev’s music allows Shakespeare and his characters to dance, which gives them a new dimension. By this ballet, a new page in history has been turned.