Show “Ladies choose” again in Varaždinu

Show “Ladies choose” again in Varaždinu

28. September 2019.

After 200 appearances in 4 years and more than 100,000 enthusiastic spectators, all over Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia, the Varaždin audience will  be able again to enjoy the popular show Ladies choose from Sarajevo’s Altteater, on 28.9.2019.

The comedy follows the fate of the five young men we hold in the area and without mone. But when one of them proposes to make the money they need to earn as strippers in the nightclub, their story begins with full ascents and falls. Preparing for the show face their fears, social norms, but also the desire to succeed. The play is abundant with dance points, prominent character characters, all of which is spiced with quality Bosnian humor, which is not for its own sake, but affects the core of society and the circumstances in which we live.

The show, with great enthusiasm and a number of times viewed by the female audience, has become a kind of “Ladies Night Out” where girls and women from 17 to 77 are entertained as never .

So take the tear-hawthorn wigs, get ready for a fun-filled party, and get your own ticket for a play that’s all over the place for a show everywhere – often sold out weeks ago.

Tickets for a play that will play on Saturday, September 28, 2019 starting at 8 pm in ARENA VARAŽDIN at a price of 80 kuna can be buy through the EVENTIM : Caffe bar Time out Arena Varaždin, gas station  PETROL, Exclusive Change  Kaufland VŽ and VŽ Lumini, Kiosk Tiska Varaždin , gift shop – King Tomislav Square  and Tobacco shop NET Korzo VŽ.