Stand up comedy show

Stand up comedy show

30. April 2016.

It is time to laugh again. It is time to host again comedians from Laughter Studio

Stand up comedy show performed by three members of the Laughter Studio from Zagreb , will be held on April 30th in the bistro Time Out in the Arena Varazdin.

Stand up comedy show begins at 9 pm, and a ticket price is 20 kunas.

The Trio of   Laughter Studio Domagoj Pintarić, Jelena Mandarić and Goran Vinčić will make you laugh.

Domagoj Pintarić

How to make others laugh out of frustration and being nervous? Domagoj Pintaric does not know either, but it regularly works!Although he claims that through the performances he is trying to achieve a therapeutic effect and is avoiding a real therapy, he is probably closer to the truth that he is aware that it is better to laugh than cry over trouble. Blessing in disguise is that the trouble really like him and that his whole life was interwoven with the unusual and extraordinary situations , and that he himself sees life differently from the vast majority .How does function someone who is a student at the age of 32 , and who   wrote a law for Croatian Constitution at the age of 22 ? How did a man who was born in the center of Zagreb decide to live in the place of the 20 residents whose accent he does not understand at all ?How does it work to have a job as a bouncer at nightclubs and publish poetry at the same time?Always on the opposite side of the majority , though often not by his own will, is the eternal source of frustration and analysis of all the things we see , but we do not observe them as they really are .

Jelena Mandarić

Seeking for her own thick shade and a place under the sun . She hopes to find it . The hater in the closest sense of the word. She hates bureaucracy and counter workess . In fact, she is the gentle creature who cries on Pampers commercial. Jelena comes from Serbia, but we have tamed her and now she resides in Zagreb. 

Goran Vinčić

Goran Vinčić Vinča is a philosophy student, a soul of a man, irreparable romantic. In his spare time he recites poetry to girls which he read on Facebook . He knows how to avoid the ticket control in a tram, but also how to avoid a good punch. He is sentimental towards the traffic light. When he goes out, he drinks a lot. If there is a long queue in the toilet, then he does not drink at all . He is a master of the karate, although he does not know how to change the light bulb. His longest relationship lasted for six months … and then he could not mend it any more. He loves movies on the Internet ,his favorite is Alien : The 8th fornicator . He believes that Gandalf is orthodox .