Wedding days in Varaždin 2017.

Wedding days in Varaždin 2017.

18. November 2017.

Traditional manifestation in Varaždin 2017. 18. and 19. Novemeber in Arena Varaždin 10 am – 19 pm .

Great benefits for newlyweds, games for visitors and great music show through Saturday and Sunday. Program will lead Andrea Loparić, host of VTV-a.

Entrance is free, you can leave voluntary contribution. All voluntary contribution goes for children with disabilities Varaždin.

Fashion show is in coopetation with fashion houses, wedding dresses shops and fashions designers. For the first time we will choose miss and mister of show.

In organization of Ceha , hairdresser’s salons will have presentation of hairstayles.

Makeup artist will doing free make up.

Caterers will have presentations and tastings. We have prepared presents for newlyweds.

You can eat in Bistro Time Out, in Arena Varaždin.

On the show you can see fashion houses, wedding dresses shops and fashions designers, goldsmiths and jewelry crafts, shops, flower shops, caterer, confectioners, car leasing, restaurants, wedding hall lessors, bands, singers etc.

The organiyer of this event is Tin marketing d.o.o.