Stand up comedy show in Bistro Time out

Stand up comedy show in Bistro Time out

We will continue with laughter and stand up comedy show of three comedians.

Show will be on 12. December in Bistro Time out in Arena Varaždin. Stand up comedy show starts at 20.30am. Ticket price is 20 kn.

With laughter and good time there is also drinks party:

  • Jäger-Cola
  • Jacky-Cola
  • Aperol-Spritz
  • Soco-Cola

Everyone will laugh at three comedians from Zagreb: Marina Orsag, Saša Turković and Tihomir Paravina.

Marina Orsag is Croatian Peter Pan. She is still a child. The oldest of the three is Saša Turković. He speaks very fast. He does not understand the Hungarian. He is begging you not to speak the Hungarian. Tihomir Paravin is comedian that explain his jokes.

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