Sports Education

Sports Education

7. May 2019.

The Youth Therapy Initiative, in cooperation with NK Varteks and the Association of Sports Associations of Varaždin, organizes a lecture on Sportsmanship on May 7, 2019 at 6 pm at the Arene Varaždin congress hall. The entrance is free

In the lectures, the audience will be introduced to the details of the athletes’ preventive examinations and the new proposal for funding them proposed by the Croatian Sports Medicine Society. The topic will be the topic of allergic rhinitis in sportsmen suffering from more and more sports populations, wrist and fingers syndrome syndrome the ubiquitous problem of tennis lacquer.

After pausing, there are lectures on ailments by Achilles tendon, meniscus injuries and hamstring injuries as one of the main reasons for getting out of sports fields.  At  the end will talk about physiotherapy.