Three kings of entertainment again in Arena Varaždin

Three kings of entertainment again in Arena Varaždin

23. April 2016.

Dražen Zečić, Mladen Grdović and Jasmin Stavros are coming back to Arena Varaždin at the ”crime scene” where they had a fantastic concert a year and a half a go in front of a crowded concert hall. That was a concert full of positive energy, choir singing and the incredible atmosphere that reigned from the first tune. The fans came from Dalmatia, Istria, Slavonia, Hungary, Austria and Slovenia with banners and the atmosphere in the hall looked like one at the most important soccer game!

‘The three kings of entertainment” will repeat ” a marathon concert” on April 23rd, where only the toughest can stay on their feet until the end of the concert! Known by their energetic performance, Zeko, Grdi and Staki can sing for 5 hours without a break.

Famous songs like ‘Jealous people’, I would have given 100 Americas’, ‘I am a Dalmatian’, ‘My people, I am here’, ‘I will break the chains’, ‘Is there a hope for us’ and many more we usually sing at parties, are waiting for you in Arena Varaždin

Tickets are available starting on Match 24th at the following spots:

  • Kiosk Tisak, Eventim,
  • Rock Art Cafe (Varaždin),
  • Caffe Bar My Way (Varaždin),
  • Bistro Time Out (Varaždin),
  • Caffe bar Arcus (Čakovec),
  • Caffe bar Paladin (Čakovec),
  • Caffe bar Inn (Novi Marof),
  • Peoples bar (Ludbreg),
  • BP Petrol (Ivanec),
  • Pizzeria Vuri (Mursko Središće),
  • Domino bar (Palovec),
  • City bar (Prelog).

The three king of entertainment have sold out concert halls in Zagreb, Varaždin, Čakovec, Zadar, Koprivnica and in Slovenia they have performed in Ljubljana, Kopar and Novo mesto.

The interest for their concerts never ends.